WORLD'S most automated rental system


Sharing creates a more extensive selection and higher quality than an individual could afford. Through far-reaching automation, we save the operator and its customers a lot of time and money, making renting more attractive and profitable. We were awarded the German Sustainability Award - Design 2023 for the sustainability of this concept.

automates renting what is not used on a daily basis
A sharebot on a urban playground used for automated rental of toys


Alone or in combination with Click & Collect: With our automated sharing system you create customer magnet and source of income, for high-quality tools or your ideas, with hardly any manual effort, maximum flexibility and, if desired, with integrated vending machine and advertising screen.

A click and collect station integrated for retail

best sharing technology on planet

The automated rental system "sharebot" offers a wide range of rental options for companies and institutions with a focus on service and customer loyalty. Thanks to automated completeness detection, ID matching of all driver's licenses and ID cards with customers, cashless payment and sale of additional and wear parts through an integrated vending machine and our multi-channel customer support, little manual work is required to operate the rental system.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Larger selection
  • Quick and easy without waiting
  • low rental prices

Benefits for operators:

  • little manual work
  • Fast amortization and effortless revenue
  • Customer magnet through service

Benefits for developers of sharing solutions:

  • Ready and tested solution
  • Continuous further development of hardware and software
  • high-level & low-level API, Customizable front-end or interfaces for own developments

automation icon
High degree of automation
  • Low cost / fast processing
  • High tool availability
  • No waiting time
modular icon
Modular system
  • for adaptation to local conditions
  • Changing offers, easy expansion
  • easy maintenance
space efficiency icon
300% space efficiency
  • Cost-effective at prime locations
  • 3 times more tools than competition
  • Even in small niches

Price examples

kleiner start station example

kleiner Start

Diese Sharing-Station benötigt nur etwa einen halben Quadratmeter Platz und bietet Platz für ein gutes Dutzend verschieden großer Dinge. Der Ideale, günstige Start für eine Basisausstattung.

Breite: 104 cm Höhe: 191,5 cm Tiefe: 50 cm

13 Fächer und Sharingkoffer mit Vollständigkeitserkennung

  • Steuerungsmodul
  • 6 x S (30 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm)
  • 3 x M1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 17 cm)
  • 3 x M2 (30 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm)
  • 1 x L1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm)

(indoor) +
1.500 €
als Outdoorversion
Preise sind Netto, Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte für ein Angebot für Lieferung, Montage und Software.
nischenfüller station example


Wir finden für jede große oder kleine Niesche eine smarte Füllung, die Ihnen das Leben erleichtert, statt im Weg zu stehen. Diese automatische Sharingstation passt in die Wandöffnung einer Tür und wurde mit einer maßangefertigten Blende versehen, die auch ein Touchscreen als Interface beinhaltet. Die Stationsteuerung befindet sich im Raum hinter der Tür. Kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn auch Sie eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung suchen.

Maße der Nische: Breite: 90 cm Höhe: 190 cm
Maße der Außenblende: Breite: 124 cm Höhe: 198 cm Tiefe: 10 cm

19 Fächer und Sharingkoffer mit Vollständigkeitserkennung

  • Stahlblende mit Touchscreen
  • 7 x S (30 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm)
  • 6 x M1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 17 cm)
  • 2 x M2 (30 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm)
  • 2 x L1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm)
(indoor) +
1.700 €
als Outdoorversion
Preise sind Netto, Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte für ein Angebot für Lieferung, Montage und Software.
mitte plus station example

Mitte Plus

Eine ausgewachsene Sharing Station mit integriertem Verbrauchsmittelautomat für Materialien, die ihre Kunden zur Benutzung brauchen. Diese Konfiguration war unsere erste Zusammenstellung des ersten toolbot-Serienmodells und bietet gleichzeitig eine gute Auswahl und die nachgefragtesten Dinge doppelt.

Breite: 221 cm Höhe: 191,5 cm Tiefe: 50 cm

19 Fächer und Sharingkoffer mit Vollständigkeitserkennung

  • Verbrauchsmittelautomat mit Stationssteuerung
  • 1 x S (30 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm)
  • 9 x M1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 17 cm)
  • 5 x M2 (30 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm)
  • 3 x L1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm)
  • 1 x L3 (30 cm x 45 cm x 84 cm)
(indoor) +
2.100 €
als Outdoorversion
Preise sind Netto, Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte für ein Angebot für Lieferung, Montage und Software.
bigBot station example

big bot

This sharing station offers a lot of space and a wide range of different sized things for automated rental. It would be suitable for a central location of a large city or with empty compartments for various applications, such as click&collect or as a transfer point for peer-2-peer rental.

Dimensions: Width: 299 cm Height: 191.5 cm Depth: 50 cm

46 compartments and sharing case with completeness detection

  • control module
  • 18 x S (30 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm)
  • 12 x M1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 17 cm)
  • 8 x M2 (30 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm)
  • 4 x L1 (30 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm)
  • 2 x L2 (30 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm)
  • 3 x L3 (30 cm x 45 cm x 84 cm)
(indoor) +
2.600 €
as outdoor version
Prices are net, please contact us for a quote for delivery, assembly and software.

affordable and flexible modular design

station schematic

Our stations are designed according to a modular principle that gives you the greatest possible flexibility and easy expandability. We are constantly developing new building blocks with new compartment sizes or functions. Each station needs a controller in typ I format or a vending machine that already contains it. Everything else can be put together according to your wishes and can be easily expanded later. Please contact us if you do not find something you need. We quickly and cheaply develop new modules according to your wishes and the offer of new modules is constantly expanding.

A collectbot made from corten steel integrated into a historic stone wall

contact us

We regret that we cannot display the complete range of applications here, but we would be pleased to discuss your specific project and provide answers to all your queries.


How does Sharebot work?
sharebot logo

Please either watch the video of toolbot, or read this short explanation here:

1. Register: The customer registers on the site provided by us - e.g. on

2. Reserve & Pickup: The website displays all the available items, which can be reserved for an hour at no charge by clicking on 'reserve'.

3. Pick up, use and return: Upon arrival at the rental station, click on 'start pickup' in 'my reservations.' Simply enter the code displayed by the station, and the locker will open and release the item. Once you're finished, bring it back and click 'start return' to open the locker. Payment is by credit card or Paypal.

Can I develop my own applications for the stations?
sharebot logo

Yes! We have developed low and high level REST and Graph-QL interfaces that allow apps to talk to and control the station. If something is missing, we will be happy to develop it for you.

Can the station also be placed outside?
sharebot logo

Yes! This costs a little more and sometimes needs to be authorized but offers the best access to your customers.

Can I offer other products?
sharebot logo

That is the idea behind sharebot. So far, toolbot is the only sharebot and it offers professional tools for rent, but in principle anything can be rented. Each product must be checked for its suitability. We are happy to support you in this. Contact us for a consultation.

Can I brand my own label?
sharebot logo

Absolutely! We have built toolbot as a brand that you can franchise, along with us. Sharebot itself, however, can be any color, take any name, and offer any content, as long as it doesn't contradict our ethical moral principles. For example, we have no desire for military and environmental destruction.

What requirements must the site meet?
sharebot logo

For our system, you will need a standard 220V AC connection with an additional fuse, a stable floor or wall, and access to the internet. However, if any of these requirements are not available, we can provide alternative solutions.

Do I need a building permit?
sharebot logo

It's possible. We suggest that you get in touch with the relevant building authority to ascertain which regulations apply to the locations where you plan to set up the station. We can provide you with all the essential information about the station, but other requirements can be highly specific, although we'll do our best to assist you.

What are the running costs of the station?
sharebot logo

The charges for utilizing and maintaining the software are subject to the station's magnitude, while the electricity expenses rely on the monitor's size and the necessity for air conditioning the station. Contact us for further details.

Can I also lease stations?
sharebot logo

Yes, you can also lease the station. Contact us for an offer.

How sure is it that the stations will still function in many years to come?
sharebot logo

We sell or lease our system with a service and maintenance contract that guarantees you safe operation.

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