A sharebot on a urban playground used for automated rental of toys


Imagine how cool toys could be if they didn't have to be cheaply produced? Instead of constantly buying cheap plastic toys to throw away afterwards, Toybot could be used to lend out products that might not even exist on sale.One effect of sharing: the production price of the product plays a subordinate role. Even if a Frisbee would cost €1,000, it pays for itself after 40 days at €2.50/hour, for example, if it is rented for 10 hours every day.

High-tech water guns, remote-controlled submarines, drones, professional sandcastle building sets with tutorials, .... and, of course, boring and useful utensils such as umbrellas and 'Strandkörbe‘ (German hooded beach chairs) could be rented out right away via the interface.

Design study as half-height version with planting
Symbol image - beachbot does not belong into the sand

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