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Rent professional tools as a franchise partner

Our automated tool rental service "toolbot" rents professional tools without queuing and waiting - at any time of the day and including insurance against damage or theft at reasonable prices. Profitable, thanks to extensive automation.

become a toolbot franchise partner
a toolbot station at cottbus hauptbahnhof

LOVED BY beginners to professionals

Beginners love toolbot because professional tools are safer and we offer good video tutorials, amateurs because they appreciate flexibility and the quality of professional tools and professionals because they get the tools cheaper because they need them at other times.

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We developed toolbot to revolutionize tool rental. Since 2019, we have been very successfully operating the stations ourselves, but we have learned that it is important to be local, even though there is hardly any manual work involved. Local networks are important for marketing, citizens have advantages over municipalities when it comes to site development, and those who are local can more easily take care of station, tools and wear parts. Also due to many requests, we are rolling out toolbot as a franchise in the future. As a side income, customer magnet or service for customers or citizens: contact us to learn more.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Larger selection
  • Quick and easy without waiting
  • Low rental prices

Benefits for operators:

  • little manual work
  • Fast amortization and effortless revenue
  • Customer magnet through service

Advantages for site providers:

  • Customer magnet/ Pull-Faktor
  • Increase the attractiveness of the location
  • Can be combined with click&collect for goods or parcel transfer

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  • high Flexibility
  • wide range / low price
  • high quality products
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  • low access threshold
  • Video tutorials for safe handling
  • DIY projects encourage use of tools
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  • Flexible expansion of the tool fleet
  • low prices due to asynchronous demand
  • Reduction of investment costs / risk

how to toolbot:

affordable and flexible modular design

station schematic

Our stations are designed according to a modular principle that gives you the greatest possible flexibility and easy expandability. We are constantly developing new building blocks with new compartment sizes or functions. Each station needs a controller in type I format or a vending machine that already contains it. Everything else can be put together according to your wishes and can be easily expanded later. Please contact us if you do not find something you need. We quickly and cheaply develop new modules according to your wishes and the offer of new modules is constantly expanding.

A collectbot made from corten steel integrated into a historic stone wall

contact us

We cannot show the whole range of applications here, but are happy to talk to you about your specific project and answer all your open questions.


How does toolbot work?
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Watch the video of toolbot, or read this short explanation here:

1. Register: The customer registers on the site provided by us - e.g. on

2. Reserve & Pickup: The page shows all the things available at the moment, which can be reserved for one hour for free by clicking on 'reserve'.

3. Pick up, use and return: Once in front of the rental station, click on 'start pickup' in 'my reservations'. Simply enter the code that the station displays and the locker will pop open and release the suitcase. When you're done, just bring it back and click 'start return' to open the locker. Payment is by credit card or Paypal.

Isn't something constantly breaking?
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No, people are not as bad, or rather our tools are more robust than you might think. In three years, there have only been two cases: Both were settled by the manufacturer from whom we lease most of our tools. At toolbot, wear parts are either covered by the rental fee or sold with the tool. For this purpose, we have developed a vending machine that dispenses saw blades, sandpaper, drills and such.

isn't something being stolen all the time?
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No, we have done a lot against vandalism and theft. For example, tools are doubly secured with us, with an alarm system if desired, our customers are verified by means of payment and automated ID checks, and finally, Leasig insurance covers whatever else could go wrong.

Can the station also be placed outside?
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Yes! This costs a little more and sometimes needs to be approved but offers the best access to their customers.

When does a station pay for itself?
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This depends among other things on the demand, prices and costs, but usually after 1 to 3 years. Contact us so that we can explain all conditions and their effects in an analysis and present a customized analysis.

What requirements must the site meet?
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A "normal" 220V AC connection with extra fuse, a solid floor or wall and an internet connection - but if necessary we have alternative for all of this.

Do I need a building permit?
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Maybe. Please contact the responsible building authority to find out what regulations apply to the places where you would like to install the station. From us you will get all the necessary information about the station, all other requirements can be very individual, but we are happy to help where we can.

What are the running costs of the station?
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The cost of using and supporting the software, depends on the station size, the cost of electricity depends on the size of the monitor and whether the station needs to be air conditioned. Contact us to learn more.

Can I also lease stations?
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Yes, you can also lease the station. Contact us for an offer.

How sure is it that the stations will still function in many years to come?
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Our system is available for purchase or lease, with the option of a service and maintenance contract to ensure safe operation.

Can I develop my own applications for the stations?
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Yes! We have developed and documented REST and Graph-QL interfaces that allow apps to talk to and control the station. If something is missing, we'll be happy to develop it for you.

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