Technology for Sharing Automation

We are the Technology Leader for physical Object Sharing Automation that makes transfer and sharing more sustainable, convenient and profitable.

toolbot station medium with integrated vending machine and toolbot bot
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modular transfer station

Bild toolbot U-Bhf Hermanplatz Berlin Man standong in front to get a toolcase out of rental station

The transfer station can be used to hand over and receive packages, tool boxes and other items. When used with smart.toolcases the station can offer additional functions (identification of toolcase and bi-directional communication, additional mechanical interlock, etc.).
Can be reached quickly by many people. Locations in densely populated areas and transport hubs are ideal. Since special restrictions apply in public places, space is limited and expensive, and special protection against vandalism and theft is required, has developed various innovative solutions that offer significant advantages not only for sharing stations but also for other applications.


The station is assembled from various modules and can thus be adapted to local conditions and also expanded later on.

high-space efficiency

The stations are optimised for toolcases with a footprint of 40x30 cm.
Therefore compared to conventional transfer machines, stations can store up to three times as many tools in the same space. This means that  prime locations can be used very cost-effectively.

vending machine

An integrated vending machine can sell various items and accessories (e.g. consumables for tools) Users can purchase these via the app and have them dispensed at the station.

more in pipeline

The system is continuously updated. New module types, half-height stations, mobile stations, energy self-sufficient stations, weather and vandalism protection are only few of the upcoming features.

smart.toolcase smart.-toolcase with display and connector

The basis of the modularity and high space efficiency are the smart.toolcases - system cases, with our integrated electronics. A variety of features can be added, depending on the application (lid lock, environment lock, various sensing and communication devices), thus they can be used for many use-cases and business models. Examples include anti-tampering or anti-theft protection, management of tools and IT technology within companies or on construction sites, monitoring of sensitive content, authentication and authorization for transport or access, geofencing or automated rental. Contact us if you require special functionality. We can adapt the smart.toolcases to your requirements.

system case

With the same footprint and 8 different heights, our system cases can protect and transport objects of different sizes, can be stacked and connected together.

wireless charging

Since external electrical contacts are often a weak point and source of errors, we use wireless charging as power supply.

completeness check

The electronics integrated in the case can automatically check the presence of specific objects within the case and report this to the system.

more options

smart.toolcase can be equipped with more abilities for your use-case: sensors for content monitoring, live data connection: bluetooth / WLAN / LoRaWAN, GPS, container lock, display, RFID Reader,..


woman holds smartphone with toolbot web app and looks on different tools she could rent now

Our software connects us with stations, cases and customers. Users can handle all processes from registration to invoice download themselves via a simple and intuitive interface. Via an more complex and powerful administrative dashboard, we or system operators can manage booking data, stations and cases, control the hardware, execute maintenance and manage customer support.

Our software is browser-based and therefore platform-independent.

browser app

The future is appless. Our browser app is OS-independent and needs no installation. This enables live updates and ensures that everybody always uses the most recent software version.

user front-end

We developed a web interface for toolbot that behaves like a native mobile app and provides all the necessary functionality to our users.

admin dashboard

The admin dashboard is a flexible, modular front-end system that we can easily customize and evolve to manage your individual business processes.

payment / accounting

We automated cashless payment, automated payment reminders, collection and accounting processes and integrated them into our support system.

use cases

(how uses its cases : )


A modular, space efficient Sharing System with high automation grade provides tool rental including insurance but without deposit payment. Toolbot provides a greater selection and better quality for less money. Simply visit, register yourself, book a tool, choose additional consumables and pick up everything at one of our stations.

We are looking for franchise partners for toolbot to expand our offer faster.
Learn more about it here.

click & collect

toolbot click and collect system at teamsportprofi in cottbus

Station modules and a admin dashboard can be used as transfer system for preordered goods. Retailers can expand their opening time, save personal time or get closer to their customers. In addition to free-standing stations, modules can also be integrated into existing structures, as well as fitted with customized frames.

more info and prices for Click & Collect


a earth mover with smart.badge on it that is able to control it

Our sophisticated electronics used in our smart.toolcase can also be used to manage things that don't fit within boxes. In a heavy duty smart.badge can turn off and on, open and close or read and send signals - all together managed in our admin dashboard and accessed through our user front end. This product is still in development. Are you willing and able to be our Co-Pilot in a real-world use case? Please contact us.

& ...

We have developed a fab lab management system for stationary machines like CNC, 3D-Printer, laser cutter. Like toolbot, the user can register, reserve and pay via an app and the machines can be controlled and monitored via the admin app.

parcel locker

The modular station can also be used as stand-alone parcel mailbox via OTP, QR-Code or access card for retail services or real estate management. This product is still in development. Are you willing and able to be our Co-Pilot in a real-world use case? Please contact us.

in-house toolbot

The system can also be used to manage tools and equipment within companies and factories for better utilization of equipment, to schedule and automate maintenance and to secure inventory. This product is still in development. Are you willing and able to be our Co-Pilot in a real-world use case? Please contact us.

Hand with Smarphone with toolbot app

toolbot Collaboration

Let's work together!

location provider

power supply
internet connection (optional)
access to customer group (optional)
monthly rent
pull factor for location
area enhancing service
get in touch


initial investment, monthly fee
on-site-support (optional)
1A location (optional)
access to customer group (optional)
income: up to 200€/tool/month*
break even in 1-3 years
low risk: abort option after 3 years
learn more

white label

product promotion
customer service
cross selling channel
whatever you can imagine*
what you get
high tech sharing in you brand CI
ongoing improvements and upgrades
Dev/Ops, User-Support, Maintenance
let's talk
Need anything else or do you have an idea to discuss? Please contact us.


"As Industrial Designer I prefer a holistic and creative approach of solving challenges."

Jan Gerlach
Jan Gerlach
CEO at
strategy, pictures and words

"Robotics and Automation are my speciality. I prefer pragmatic and logical solutions and viewpoints."

Dr. Christian Lehmann
Dr. Christian Lehmann
CFO at
Hardware Engineering, Numbers

"Technology can solve a lot of problems but human interaction with the help of pen and paper gives birth to great solutions."

Krispin Schulz
Krispin Schulz
CTO at
IT enthusiast and analog evengelist

"I am too secretive to contribute a sentence here."

Vincent Sturgeon
Vincent Sturgeon
Dev/Ops at

"Our society is able to uniquely procrastinate innovative architectures.
Let's just not."

Mighty Dread Mario Drelas
Mario Drelas
Micro Electronics/Dev at

"Good customers are as rare as latinum - treasure them."
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Ines Wilke
Ines Wilke
finance, accounting


We are looking for more, permanent team members for the further development and operation of the automated rental system 'toolbot' and other products. We are a low paid, high talented team of good friends who are looking for resilient and motivated people who enjoy their work, looking for challenges and get stellar opportunities in return. It's okay if you don't meet all the requirements or can take on tasks from different areas - or bring other (unstated) suitable experience. The positions can be part-time or full-time (students are also welcome). The development site of is in Cottbus. Partially activities can also be carried out remotely. Experience in handicraft or do-it-yourself is an advantage.

IT-Developer (Junior)

Primarily at the Cottbus site

You will work on our user and admin front-end, learn from experienced IT-Developer and can take a dive into hardware-vodoo and micro-electronics.

  • front-end &/ back-end development
  • JavaScript, React,
  • Node.JS / NodeRed
  • docker (optional)
  • Linux (optional)
  • Git
  • PostgresQL.DB


Berlin & Cottbus

You are responsible for the marketing of toolbot. You develop our marketing strategy and implement it. You produce instructional videos (for our tools), visual material and other footage. You take care of our social media channels (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). You collect feedback from users and implement it in our strategy.

  • Conceptual design / development / implementation of marketing strategy for toolbot
  • Video production (instruction videos etc.)
  • Social media / online marketing
  • Design of advertising material
  • Analysis of user behavior, media / online marketing


Berlin or Cottbus

You develop new locations for toolbot and B2B customers for other products. To do this, you will talk to potential site operators, search for and visit potential sites, and select them. You can build on our previous experience and existing network structures. You conduct sales talks with location operators, franchisees, multipliers, etc. You analyze the behavior of existing users and work on the further development of our business strategy.

  • Sale / leasing of toolbot stations, White-Label and Click&Collect systems (B2B)
  • Development of locations for toolbot (B2B)
  • Addressing multipliers (clubs, associations, ...) for end customer acquisition (B2C)
  • Analysis of user behavior
  • Introduction of CRM system

Hardware / Electronic

at the Cottbus site

You work on R&D and production of the electronic components we use in our stations and cases. You design new systems and build them. You program microelectronics and test them. You work with our internal and external electronics experts to develop your own boards.

  • Design, construction, programming and testing of electronics / microcontrollers.
  • knowledge with RFID systems and/or radio communication is advantageous
  • Bus communication (I²C, SPI, ...)
  • C++,, Git, Eagle
  • Network technology knowledge advantageous

Design / Production

at the Cottbus site

You work on the design and manufacture of our stations, cases and other components. You improve the existing components and develop new ones. You produce prototypes and series components. You work primarily with the materials metal, plastic and wood. Our workshop with laser cutter, 3D printer and other tools is at your disposal and you will participate in the development of a production and maintenance line.

  • CAD-based design (Fusion 360)
  • 3D printing, laser cutting, mechanical manufacturing
  • Prototyping / Manufacturing
  • Electrical/electronic knowledge advantageous