A sharebot in Berlin - Hackischer Markt gets photographed by a guy. The sharbot has an artwork of Gorbatschow and Honecker,  kissing each other, called "Bruderkuss" (EN brother kiss)

MEDIABOT application example

Drones, robust and professional cameras, AR sets, laser tag sets and much more that you always wanted to try out but didn't necessarily want to buy. With sharebot, we offer cities a completely new way to update parks, squares and promenades in this application example.

A rental price of 2 € per hour and 10% utilization generates revenues of about 70,000 € per year - thanks to automation with only little manual effort. Additional revenue is generated by marketing advertising placements on integrated screens, front or back. Additional compartments can also be used by retailers to hand over goods. Side walls can provide tourists with up-to-date information thanks to integrated screens, support local businesses if they are covered with advertising from local retailers, restaurants and hotels.

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