A collectbot standing in a driveway of a urban apartment building, wooden frame, group of children running in front


In a few years, doorstep delivery will be a premium service - everyone in the industry seems to agree on that. The kiosks and stores that hand over parcels to residents are almost overflowing today, and apart from DHL and Amazon, there are no other shipping service providers setting up their own handover stations. And they can hardly do so, because otherwise the streets of the cities would soon be filled with colorful tin boxes. Cities and municipalities alone can get the shipping companies to supply universal parcel drop-off stations if they want to reduce downtown delivery traffic or move to zero emissions. 

The modular station construction system we developed for toolbot can't compete in price with some commercially available handover systems from China, but is the only one in the world that can be deployed in aesthetically sensitive or spatially very challenging downtown locations and can also be easily expanded. In the future, new construction projects will include such systems as necessary infrastructure and will be able to use them in a variety of ways beyond that, thanks to their great flexibility.

This product represents a next generation collectbot system for which we are looking for a strategic partner. As we are the only manufacturer to have everything from software, to electronics and hardware in our own hands and control and capacity to implement in other systems, we can perfectly tailor solutions without compromise. Are you ready and able to be our co-pilot in a real-world use case that we tailor for you? Please contact us.

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