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Provide your city the best tools with little effort, earn money on the side or offer your customers a better service.

toolbot station medium with integrated vending machine and toolbot bot

toolbot Station

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Do you want to be part of spreading the revolution of rental all over Germany? Here you will find information on how you can earn money with little effort as a toolbot franchise partner and offer the best tools for all people in your area.

How do I become a franchisee?

Preferably, contact us using the form below. We will then discuss your individual situation and the potential location. If everything fits, we will produce your toolbot and set it up at your location (including rental tools, of course). The production time depends a lot on the current delivery conditions. However, we use the interim period effectively by already training you in the use of the system and preparing an advertising strategy for your location together with you.

What do I have to do as a franchisee?

You establish a business for the operation of the toolbot station or add it to your existing business. Ideally, you already have a suitable location or you find one. We can support you with our experience and with contacts to partners. In addition, there are other activities that can be carried out either by you or by our employees – for example, the regular inspection and cleaning of the tools. The more tasks you take over, the more favorable it becomes for you.

At what point does it pay off?

The investment costs for the toolbot depend on the size of your station - as do the achievable revenues. Other cost factors are also highly dependent on the location (e.g. any site rent). In most cases we expect a break even after about 2 years - i.e. after that you will have recouped your investment and your toolbot will be profitable. We assume that your toolbot will be used very little in the first months and that you will only increase the utilization to the necessary level (usually about 8.5-15%) within the first year. If you can win customers faster or more - for example because you are well networked locally or already have an existing customer base, all the better.

cash flow

The investments for station and site are amortized depending on utilization - here in the example at 8.5% after 24 months and at 15% after 16 months. At the end of the leasing period (here at 36 months), the income increases again.
Chart of cash flow for franchise model calculation


The location (well visible and easily accessible at all times) is crucial for the success of toolbot. Whether you already have a location or are still looking for one - we will be happy to advise you on all relevant questions and give you tips on finding a location.

Access to customer

It is best if you already have a direct channel to potential toolbot customers in your city - for example, if you already have an existing business - but also if you are starting from scratch: We will support you with PR and advertising material.

Combination with other service

An integrated vending machine can sell various items and accessories (e.g. consumables for the tools). Users can buy these via the app and have them dispensed at the station, which means additional revenue for you.


We support you and your customers with our support (by phone or email). You benefit from our experience in tool selection, service and much more.

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