click & collect - modular und skalierbar

Our locker systems and dispensers adapt to their intended use. From pick-up stations for department store chains to extended accessibility for small retailers -' Click&Collect system revolutionizes the "last mile" and retail.

toolbot station medium with integrated vending machine and toolbot bot

Retain customers and strengthen brand

Those who offer their customers a modern and convenient way will keep them and their company longer.

Lighten the load on personnel

There are so many important things your employees do that can't be automated: Receiving goods, issuing goods or verifying authorizations for them is not one of them. Your employees are happy to focus on the rest.

Increase availability to 100%

The opening hours of most stores roughly coincide with the working hours of their customers. Vending machines don't need a break or days off and can serve your customers when they have the most time.

easy handling, integration, customized interfaces and APIs

Our basic web interface issues pickup codes that can be sent by mail, SMS or over the phone. However, we are happy to customize the interface and the verification method to your needs, integrate it into your web interface, web store and POS system and develop an API (Application Programming Interface) for you or use an existing API to interface your software with ours.

modular and flexible

Our pick-up stations adapt very easily to any situation and can be changed or extended as needed, easily and quickly. Small niche or several walls? No problem! Ask for special solutions, panels or modules with other compartment sizes or additional functions - or get a first overview with our price calculator. We produce everything economically and tailor-made.

engineered, designed & made in Germany

From the hardware (steel parts, powder coating, wiring as well as design and production of the printed circuit boards) to the self-developed software, our Click and Collect systems are completely produced in Germany. For you this means reliable engineering, high security, short distances and full control and flexibility in the development.

new 'green' ways into the future for retailers and communities

We look forward to emission-free inner city cores. For retailers, their suppliers and customers, they represent new opportunities, but also challenges. As transfer stations, our systems can make an important contribution to the efficient and flexible transfer of goods. It is bridging the gap between fossil and electric, between long-distance and local transport, and between manual and autonomous logistics that will shape the success of smart cities and retail in the future.

Click and collect for Retail

Strengthen your local business against online retail and improve your customer loyalty. With our Click and Collect pick-up stations, you make goods available outside your opening hours and faster than delivery. For your customers, this means even more flexibility in pickup and a higher incentive to shop locally instead of online. You can choose whether the entire handover takes place online or by personal arrangement. We provide a clear dashboard for this purpose. To make sure nothing can go wrong, we'll guide you through the first steps.

Parcel stations for pharmacies

Pharmacies are often faced with the problem that medicine is urgently needed, but not always directly available. With Click and Collect systems, pharmaceuticals are also made available outside opening hours, e.g. shortly before holidays or on Sundays. You can decide whether you want to offer the service as a matter of principle, or only set up a small module for emergencies - when your customers can no longer pick up the medication during opening hours. Our system adapts completely to your needs here and integrates easily into facades or entrance areas.

Neighborhood upgrading with multipurpose stations

Click and Collect stations do not have to be pure service vending machines. Thanks to the wide range of applications, they can also be used to improve the quality of life and the neighborhood culture of a district. For example, cooperative packing stations and the toolbot tool rental system can be easily combined. Click & Collect thus becomes a multi-purpose station that on the one hand puts professional production tools in people's hands and at the same time strengthens local commerce. This brings people and trades closer together and promotes a culture of community. Of course, it is also possible to adapt the system to other purposes. This makes the system interesting for district management, housing cooperatives or district initiatives. Tell us about your idea!

Cooperative packing stations for microdepots

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection promotes 'micro-depot guideline' for reducing emissions from the last mile as much as possible. Our Click and Collect systems can also be used to implement cooperative Packstations. Here, goods can be collected at the edges of urban areas and picked up individually for emission-free onward transport to stores and households. Thanks to the modular design and a framework that can be adapted to the surroundings, niche use, individual adaptations to local conditions and monument protection requirements are possible. Especially for municipalities committed to sustainability, smart city and green mile, our systems can be an interesting approach. 

Price calculator for Click & Collect system

Here you can find a price calculator with which you can compose the Click & Collect system that meets your requirements. Select the number of modules A to F you wish, decide whether you want to integrate a vending machine and whether the system is exposed to the weather outside or is protected. To receive the non-binding offer and further information by mail, enter your e-mail address below and click 'Send offer by mail'. If you would like to receive a binding offer or if you have any questions, please forward the mail with your desired configuration and your contact to or call us at +49 176 23122885.

The infrastructural requirements of our systems are quite simple:

  • stable base (wall, floor) on which the station can be secured against tipping over
  • 220V 16A power supply
  • Internet: best via LAN cable; if necessary the station can also be operated with mobile Internet
  • If you opt for the energy self-sufficient pick-up station, no power connection is required, of course.
  • Internet access is required for the stations to work. You can use your existing connection for this, sign an extra contract with the options and costs you want, or use so-called IoT cards, which calculate the costs exclusively according to data volume. We are planning an offline version of the system - if that's what you want, contact us and become our pilot customer.
  • Our system works economically. However, depending on usage, outdoor temperatures and location (indoor or outdoor), electricity costs may vary.
  • The technical operation of the IT, the use of our software and the support costs 50€/month. For additional licenses for shared use with other companies or a customization to your software environment please contact us.
  • The pickup station comes in the Color you like best. All RAL colors are possible. Upon request, we can also manufacture the station from weather-resistant Corten steel, which is very popular in urban and landscaping today.
  • The Energy-independent Version of the Station supplies itself with energy via solar module and battery.
  • Typically, Mobile Internet is also a good choice for the energy-autonomous version. But you can also upgrade your normal station to increase the reliability. This will incur additional costs, please contact us for this.
Modulübersicht für den Konfigurator